Caps - BMX


Wear BMX Caps Whatever the Weather

Wearing a BMX cap brings many practical benefits as well as being a fashion accessory. When the sun is out, the visors on BMX snapback caps and baseball caps will shade your face from the sunlight and protect your skin. As well as giving you extra warmth, the caps also stop rain, wind or sweat from getting into your eyes. BMX trucker caps serve the same purpose as regular caps, but with the small difference in that trucker caps have a taller front panel and a mesh back for ventilation.

Other hats that you can find in this category are BMX bucket hats. They have a wide brim that goes around the head that works great for shading your face and neck from the sun. Other popular BMX hats that many riders like to wear are beanies. Check out our collection here - BMX Beanies.

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