Ice Skate sharpening

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Sharpening ice skates at SkatePro. Both hockey skates and figure skates

  • This service is provided for ice skates bought at SkatePro as well as for your own ice skates.
  • We only do standard edge-sharpening.

"The manufacturers provide ice skates with a basic sharpening, enabling the blade to be used for skating. Unfortunally this sharpening is not very good, and not near the level of newly sharpened ice skates" (by Kenwin, Ice skate expert at SkatePro)

Sharpening ice skates is a service, and the usual return of rights does not apply on the sharpening. If you buy skates + sharpening, and return the skates, you still can use your return of right on the skates. Please note, that the quality of the sharpening also depends on the quality of the ice skates themselves. This means, that a cheaper skate never will be as sharp and good as a more expensive ice skate.

The listed price is for sharpening a pair of skates.

vélemény   (735)
It is a great additional service. I received my skates and all I had to do is put them on and get on the ice.
Csépány G. (. s. L. (Zsámbék)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Good and fast job✌️
Kalász Kristóf (Győr)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Lilith J. (Winter Haven)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Good sharpening
Matthew Higdon (New Harbour)
Értékelés: 4 az 5-ből!
is great, What do you recommend for resharpening
Yolanda Lorenz Sanchez (MONTREAL, QUEBEC)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
My skates were ready to go and nicely sharpened
Kenia Briseno Rivas (Ottawa)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Nice and sharp
Angela G. (London)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Came super sharp!
Michelle Van Sickle (Edmonton)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Excellent service!
Bronwen Gill (Toronto)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Perfect sharpen!
Alanna Jensen (Calgary)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
they bit the ice
loree tannett (Perth)
Értékelés: 3 az 5-ből!
Válasz SkatePro-tól:  Hi Loree,

Thank you for your review and I'm sorry to hear that you weren't satisfied with the sharpness of the skates. I have contacted you to resolve this the quickest possible way, please check your inbox. Furthermore, please make sure to always clean and store them properly after usage in order to protect the blade.

I look forward to hearing from you!🤞

Skates are nice and sharp! Love it!
Tanis Crooks (Oro-Medonte)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
skates arrived perfectly sharp.
Alan Perkins (Deerfield)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Wasn’t sure they had been sharpened, but worked fine.
Ellen Holmes (St Anns)
Értékelés: 4 az 5-ből!
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