Knee Pads - BMX


Why you should use knee pads when you ride BMX

You can't learn to ride ramps, bowls, grinding rails, and dropping gaps or be the fastest at the BMX race track without taking a few falls.

With a pair of knee pads will spare you for bruises, burns and reduce the risk of long-lasting injuries. So if you want to make sure that you can keep riding for at long as possible BMX knee pads are the way to go.

Hard knee pads vs. soft knee pads

We carry a huge selection of classic knee pads as you know them from skateboarding and Rollerblading. These kinds of BMX knee pads will offer you a considerable amount of protection, which can be an excellent thing if you are a newcomer.

The downside to these is that hard knee pads often are pretty bulky to wear meaning that you lose some of your freedom to move.

The benefit of Soft knee pads is that they are highly flexible and allows you to move freely. But when you take a hit, the gel inside the knee pads gets hard and thereby keeps your knee safe.

This kind of knee pads that can be worn under your pants, so if you see pro riders, who looks like they don't wear protection, they probably hide it under their clothing.

All the BMX knee pads you’ll find this selection are handpicked in order to give you the best products available, so you can keep safe.

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