What Socks Are Best for Skating?

Wearing skating socks is an easy way to increase your comfort when skating. The best inline skate socks are ones that maximize this comfort and give you an enjoyable experience. These socks are designed specifically with skating in mind, containing padding that prevents blisters and general soreness.

Other than comfort, inline and roller skate socks are designed to be breathable and absorb moisture. Remember that if you don’t wear proper skating socks then your sweat is more likely to stay inside the boot, leading to bad odors. Of course, skating is often a high-intensity sport, so it’s recommended that you change socks regularly.

Make Sure You Get the Right Size Socks

It may sound obvious, but getting the right sized pair can have a big impact on how comfortable your skating feels. It’s important that your socks come above the cuff of your skate to prevent chafing and rubbing against your leg. This helps explain why so many skaters choose to wear knee-high socks. Of course, make sure that the socks aren’t too long. If this is the case, they may slip around in your boot.

Another way to maximize your comfort with your skates is to get your hands on a pair of Skating Insoles.

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