Ski and Thermo Socks


What Is Special About Ski Socks?

Ski socks, also known as thermo socks, are designed differently when compared with a standard pair of crew or sports socks. The main features that stand out in ski socks are the specifically padded areas, use of breathable materials and the shape to match the contours of your feet.

All ski socks should be warm and comfortable, but there are some small differences between men's and women’s ski socks. As women generally have lower sitting calf muscles, the ski sock cuff is a little shorter when compared to men's ski socks. Thicker socks are also found in the women's category for added comfort.

The Design of Ski Socks

Extra padding is used on the shin area to prevent “shin bang” against the tongue of your ski boots. It is also found on the sock heel for a snug fit and at the toe areas for extra warmth during the cold weather. The best ski socks are made with breathable fabrics such as merino wool, polyester and polyamide. These moisture-wicking fabrics prevent sweat from building up inside your ski boots, so you don’t get cold feet.

Thinner socks turn out to be the warmest ski socks. This may seem counterintuitive, but the thinner material creates more room for blood to flow freely around the feet and in turn create more heat. High-performing pairs of ski socks tend to be thinner and are frequently used by ski racers.

How Many Ski Socks Do I Need?

Firstly, it is not a good idea to wear two pairs of ski socks at the same time. This can decrease the blood flow, cause sore points and give you less control over your skis. For a week-long ski trip, it's advisable to take no less than 3 pairs of socks with you but ideally one for every day of skiing. Changing socks regularly will allow them to breathe properly and prevent bad-smelling ski boots.

Ski socks are considered to be the base layer for your feet, but for your upper and lower body, you can check out Thermal Underwear & Long Johns.

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