Ski Boots Kids


It is very important to have the right kids ski boots, to ensure a good skiing experience for the little ones. Since the outside of the ski boot consists of a hard plastic shell, it is important to have a good fit and comfort of the liner (innnerboot). A quality ski boot for children typically has a good liner that ensures a good experience and keeps the foot warm.

Choosing the size of the kids ski boots

If children are to have a good experience when skiing, it is very important that the boots are not too small to avoid cold feet and chafing injuries. Many kids ski boots are adjustable so that they cover several sizes and can grow with the kids.

Ski boot kids - buckles

Most of our ski boots for adults have 3-4 buckles, which ensure good hold of the foot. However, most kids ski boots only have two buckles. Two buckles are enough to provide a good fit and they make it easier to take the boot on and off. The buckles are typically made of plastic, but in pro ski boots they are often made of metal.

On this page, you will find our entire range of kids ski boots.

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