Skate Ramps & Grind Rails

Skateboard ramps that you can put in your garden

In order to improve your skate skills, you need to practice, it is not a secret. If you want to go on ramps and rails though, it may prove to be a bit hard to, firstly, find a spot, and secondly, line up for that spot amongst the other skaters.

A good solution, in this case, is a skate ramp, a quarter pipe ramp, or grind rail which you have only for yourself (and maybe your crew). How is this possible? The moveable skate ramps that we have in here will allow you to build your own skate park in your backyard. Just find a suitable spot and arrange in the way you want and there you got it! The best thing is that you can always move them around, just grab a mate to give you hand and you will be set in no time.

The quarter pipe - symbolic skate 'ramp'

To explain a quarter pipe it is best to start with the halfpipe. Imagine a normal pipe, that you cut in half. The result is the halfpipe, which is a favoured obstacle in skate parks. The idea to use the halfpipe as a skate park obstacle was inspired by a wave and the desire to imitate the movements of surfing on solid ground on a skateboard. Before the establishment of skate parks, surfers and skaters used to train their abilities in abandoned or empty swimming pools.

Nevertheless, the foundation of a skate park is the quarter pipe, the half of a halfpipe. Quarter pipes are versatile and can be used individually but also to create several different obstacles. Of course, you can put it together to rebuild a halfpipe, but you can also place them with their backs to each other to get a spine. Ramps are used to gain momentum and to perform tricks as airs, grinds, etc.

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