Roller Ski Bindings

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Why I Need Rollerski Bindings

Rollerski bindings are the essential piece of equipment needed to attach yourself to your rollerskis. The toe of the rollerski bindings is the point where the rollerski boots clip on and can pivot vertically with the heel moving freely. The bindings are mostly drilled into the rollerski frame and can fit a wide range of shoe sizes.

Classic Rollerski Bindings VS Skate Rollerski Bindings

The difference between classic and skate rollerski bindings is small, but it is important to choose the right ones to match your skiing style. When searching for them, you can use the filter option to select “Classic” or “Skate”. The design of both classic and skating bindings is very similar, with the only main difference being that the rubber bumper at the toe is softer on the classic rollerski bindings. A softer bumper makes it easier to flex forwards on classic rollerskis while stiffer bumpers are needed to withstand the power of skating.

Rottefella Rollerski Bindings

The Norwegian brand known as Rottefella has developed a binding system called New Nordic Norm (NNN for short) which dominates the binding and boot compatibility market. Many other brands use this system on their bindings and/or boots, and you can always check the specifications if they are NNN compatible. If you would like to see more information on compatibility, check out our guide - Compatibility of Bindings for Cross Country and Rollerskis.

Rottefella NIS rollerski bindings system is another popular design by the brand. This design means that the bindings are attached to NIS plates, allowing them to slide forwards or backward to give multiple binding positions. This is particularly useful as moving the bindings forward improves climbing uphills, and moving them backward provides better stability when rolling.

The Rottefella NNN bindings system makes up the majority of rollerski bindings and boots on the market, giving you the largest selection to choose from. To find matching boots for your new bindings, check out Rollerski Boots.

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