Skateboard backpacks & bags


Carry your board in a safe way

Skateboard backpacks are a comfortable and practical way to hold onto your board when you're on the go. It’s not only a cool way to transport your board, but it also leaves your hands free.

A lot of our skateboard bags has straps and clips specially designed for holding skateboards, which allows you to carry your board safely when you are moving across town to your favorite spot, your local skate park or traveling long distance.

Besides being designed for carrying skateboards a lot of the skateboard backpacks you will find in this selection are also functioning as a normal backpack, which makes them suitable as school bags, and many of them come with space for a laptop, books, and papers. This way you can bring you skateboard to school so you can ride with your friends in the school yard.

Traveling with a longboard

You can also carry your longboard with a skate backpack, but in this category, you’ll also find a selection of bags which are specially designed to transport longboards. You could consider using this kind of bag if you are traveling long distance with your longboard.

In our selection of skateboard backpacks and skateboard bags, you’ll find a wide variety of colors, designs, shapes, and sizes. We carry bags from brands like Baker Skateboards, Burton, Dakine, DC Shoes, Decent, Douchebags, Element, Etnies, Globe, Herschel, Oakley, Santa Cruz, Sector 9 Sushi, Vans, Volcom, Voltage and more.

We are always adding more cool bags to our selection to make sure, that you’ll get the latest, greatest and best in skateboard backpacks.

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