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What Is a Dirt Jump Bike?

A dirt jump BMX is considered a hybrid between a mountain bike and a conventional BMX. Dirt jump BMX bikes are great for racing around dirt tracks and performing high, aerial tricks along the way. The bikes are known for being robust, strong and capable of withstanding the impacts from hard landings.

Dirt jump bikes are larger than other styles of BMX but smaller than dirt jump mountain bikes. Dirt jump BMX frames are usually built from steel or aluminum, ensuring a solid and durable construction. The wheels have a diameter of 24 or 26 inches and the standover height is lower than on a mountain bike.

More characteristics of these bikes include tall handlebars to reach greater heights as well as incredibly strong but light wheels.

Dirt Jumping Explained

In dirt jumping, the aim of the game is to perform stunts while completing a lap of the dirt track made out of soil. Riders perform high, aerial jumps and tricks while racing around a track built up of man-made mounds and kickers.

The riders are expected to take off from mounds, perform high, aerial jumps and then land on the mounds before continuing the course.

While similar to race BMX and mountain biking, there are some differences. For example, compared to race BMX or mountain biking where the goal is to complete the course the fastest, the aim with dirt jumping is to perform tricks with style. As a result, the jumps for dirt riding are bigger, so you can aim for the highest possible stunts.

The best place to practice your dirt jumping is at a pump track or other tracks with a range of jumps, rollers (rounded bumps) and berms (banked corners). This will allow you to get the most out of your bike.

The tricks of dirt jumping are similar to many styles of freestyle BMX, so if you are looking to get into freestyle check out our selection of BMX Freestyle Bikes.

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