Buoyancy Aid

Play it safe, use a buoyancy aid

A buoyancy aid or buoyancy vest differs a bit from a regular life vest. It's a safety device but its buoyancy rating is usually not as high as a life vest. This means that a buoyancy aid or buoyancy vest is more suitable for close-shore activities where you can manage to get back to shore or boat.

You can say, that it's a helping hand out on the water and it will help to keep you afloat, so you don't have to use a whole lot of effort keeping your head above water.

This essential piece of water ski and wakeboard equipment is produced in many different designs and we only sell buoyancy vests from the world’s most trusted brands. No matter if you prefer buckles or zippers, tiger print or basic black or gray, buoyancy vests have never been more stylish than they are at the moment.

A Buoyancy vest is very lightweight

All buoyancy jackets are very lightweight, made with state of the art technology and in all the most advanced materials present at the moment. The buoyancy vests are designed to flex and bend and be very flexible as you move. Some vests also feature unique functional design elements. This could be lumbar support belts and small internal pockets that are specially designed to hold your license, credit cards and phone.

Regardless of the specification of the buoyancy vests, it is important to take notice that they do not provide (or are they intended to provide) the same high level of protection as regular life jackets will do. For this reason, they should not be used as a substitute for a life jacket, and we don't recommend children or bad swimmers to use them. They should go for a life jacket.

Buoyancy aids must be certified

All products found in this category are ISO12402-5 approved.

These kinds of vests are tagged with 50N and designed for activities the in close range of the shore. It provides the user with a minimum of 5kg of buoyancy and is often designed with buoyant material on the front and the back. This type of vest should only be worn by someone who is a competent swimmer. Furthermore, this type of vest does not have a supporting collar, which means that it will not keep you on your back if you're unconscious. The 50N vests are often used for wakeboarding, waterskiing and kite surfing.

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