Mouth Guards / Gum Shields


Use a mouth guard to protect your teeth

If you’re involved in any sport that requires you to wear a mouth guard, you’ve probably started to give this piece of safety equipment a bit more attention than the previous generations of athletes did.

A mouth guard or a gum shield as it is also called can be used in different sports, where it is necessary to protect the teeth. The mouth guard is usually made of acrylic or rubber, and to get the ultimate protection, the mouth guard needs to be shaped after the teeth.

Mouth guards are available with single protection, that only covers the upper part of the mouth or double protection that covers both the upper and the lower part of the mouth. The last example provides the best protection, but at the same time it can bother the breathing, and it might take some time and practice to get used to.

A gum shield decreases the risk of dental damage and concussion and is indispensable when you play hockey or roller derby. When mouth guards were invented they were primarily used by boxers, but today they are used in most “tough” contact sports like hockey and American football.

All of our gum shields are so-called "Boil and Bite" types that give the best possible fit. Here you use boiling water to heat up the guard before you place it in your mouth and bite down on it. When the temperature has fallen, the guard will then have a tailor-made fit for your teeth. When you buy a new mouth guard, this process will be well described in the manual.

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