Scooter Mouth Guards


Wear a Mouth Guard While Riding a Scooter

Scooter mouth guards are designed to prevent injuries to the face and mouth while riding a scooter. They are made from soft plastic materials that have shock absorbent properties, so they can reduce injury to your teeth, gums, cheeks and jaw in the event of a fall.

Falling on a stunt scooter can be a common occurrence and mouth injuries happen. Riders can lose balance and fall with their face onto the scooter handlebars, or on obstacles in the skate park while attempting jumps and grinds. Wearing a scooter gum shield can prevent chipped teeth, biting on your tongue or cutting your cheeks or gums.

Boil and Bite Scooter Mouth Guards

While there are a number of different types of mouth guards on the market, the “boil and bite” mouth guards are the most popular for scooter riders. Fitting this type is as easy as placing it in boiling water to soften and then putting it in your mouth to shape it to your teeth. By using your fingers and tongue to press around your teeth, you will get a comfortable and customized fit. When you buy a new mouth guard, this process will be well described in the manual.

These mouth guards can be used for many action sports, but scooter riding is high on the list. Another high-priority piece of protection to have while riding a scooter is a helmet. To see our collection, check out Pro Scooter Helmets.

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