Longboard Grip Tape

You might ask yourself, how important can longboard griptape be? The answer is that choosing the right piece of longboard grip tape is crucial for your riding experience and things such as your ability to control, maneuver and stay on the board.

So how do you choose the right grip tape for your discipline?

The parameter that you should choose your longboard grip tape from is the grit. So what is the grit? Well, it's the sand-like surface on top of grip tape of your longboard. To keep it simple, the higher the grit, the more traction you get.

So how much grip/traction do I need? Start by finding out whether you are into the fast disciplines like freeride or downhill, or the more "technical stuff" like freestyle or cruising.

  • For freeride/downhill we recommend between 25-40 grit
  • For technical freeride, freestyle, cruising you should choose a grit between 50-80

Design and style

You can, of course, settle for a classic black piece of longboard griptape but you can also add some more personality to your board by choosing a longboard grip tape with patterns or motives.

Some boards also come with a sweet looking upperside, so why not choose a piece of clear longboard grip tape and show it to the world. Furthermore, this kind of grip tape also gives a more surfy look to your longboard.

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