Roller Ski Package


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A roller ski package - all that you need

In this category, you will find a selection of roller ski packages.

A roller ski package includes all the needed parts for roller ski tours. We offer roller ski packages for both beginners and experienced roller skiers. As you see we have quite a few different sets from different manufacturers. The ski packages come from the brands Swenor, SkiGo and Elpex, which we considered being some of the top brands at the moment.

It’s great as a beginner to buy a roller ski package, so you are secured matching gear. It can also be an advantage for experienced roller skiers to buy a roller ski package, in order to get a discount on a complete quality roller ski package.

The equipment in our roller ski packages in this section has all been carefully picked out by our experts so you are absolutely sure that they perform absolutely perfect together. It's really important, that your bindings and roller skis are compatible. The roller ski packages in this category include a set of gloves, roller skis, bindings, boots and a set of ski poles.

Great for cross country training

Roller skiing is the best way to practice the technique from cross country if you live in areas where there are limited amounts of snow. This also gives you the opportunity to train all year round for cross country skiing.

As with our regular skis, you get a free mounting of the bindings, if you buy both the roller skis and the bindings here at SkatePro. This is something we highly recommend since your bindings will be mounted accordingly to your weight and height.

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