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Neck gaiters & Neck warmers


Keep Warm With a Ski Neck Gaiter

Ski neck gaiters, also known as neck warmers, provide protection for your neck and face from the cold weather. They rest around your neck making sure that it is guarded against the elements as well as offering some protection from UV rays. There’s a big range of ski gaiters to choose from and you also have the option of picking a style that just protects the neck or one that also provides coverage to the mouth and lower face.

The best neck gaiter for skiing really depends on what style you want and what conditions you will be riding in. However, there are some key properties to look out for. Ski neck warmers should be lightweight and breathable so that they don’t interfere with your performance but also moisture-wicking so that it keeps you warm. Therefore, many skiers choose to use gaiters made from merino wool or polyester.

If you’re gonna be out in the coldest of conditions and your aim is to keep warm, then choose a gaiter made from thicker materials whereas if your concern is about sweating too much, then choose a thinner model from a material like nylon or polyester.

Another option is to use a balaclava, which will cover your neck while also protecting your face leaving just a small hole for the area around your eyes. To see our selection of balaclavas, as well as hats for skiing, check out our Ski Hats & Balaclavas category.

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