You need adult scooter accessories to keep rolling

A big wheeled scooter is primarily made for transportation, and they are not made for taking the heavy beatings in the skate park. Though it doesn't excel in the skate park, the big wheels and the construction of the scooter makes it perfect for commuting.

When you use your scooter for transportation, some parts will be worn out at some point. The most common parts, that might need a replacement are the wheels, the bearings, and the grip tape.

But don’t worry. These adult scooter accessories are not that expensive to replace, and replacing them is an obvious way to give your big wheel scooter a noticeable upgrade.

A softer wheel - a softer ride

The wheels on adult scooters are usually pretty soft compared to the wheels on pro and stunt scooters. They are manufactured in materials that are optimized for high speeds and for providing the rider with a flow-like scooting experience.

The wheels in this adult scooter accessories category vary in sizes from 180 mm to 230 mm and are compatible with most big wheel scooters. Before you buy your new wheels, you should do some research on the size of your current wheels. If you choose a wheel in the same size as your old ones, you can be pretty sure, that they fit. If you are looking to buy a bigger wheel-set than your current set, you are always welcome to give our customer service a call, to be sure, that your big wheel scooter is compatible with the bigger wheels.

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