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Kick scooters are perfect for commuting to work or just getting yourself from A to B, but there may come a time when some replacement parts are needed. After so many kilometers, it is expected some adult scooter parts will need changing to keep it running safely. Common kick scooter replacement parts are scooter wheels, bearings, wheel tubes and fender brakes.

Replacing Kick Scooter Wheels

Replacing the wheels of your adult scooter is necessary when they have worn down so much, or you have received a puncture beyond repair. It can also be to change the wheel size or material to give you a different riding experience. Pneumatic kick scooter wheels work best on rougher surfaces, and polyurethane wheels will roll easier and more efficiently on smoother surfaces.

Adult scooter wheels are usually between 180 mm to 250 mm in size and are compatible with most big wheel scooters. Before you buy your new wheels, you should do some research on the size of your current wheels. The safest bet is to choose wheels the same size as your old ones. Providing the axle diameter is the same, then you can be sure that these will fit. If you want to install bigger wheels, check the additional clearance height and width to see if there is enough space. Changing to smaller wheels can sometimes mean you need additional spacers to make up for the narrower width.

Sometimes all a wheel needs is a fresh pair of bearings to get it back to its best. These bearings are the standard size and the same ones used for stunt scooters. To see our collection, check out Bearings for Scooters.

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