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Rocker Mini BMX

Rocker 3+ Freecoaster Wheelset

26.290 Ft
35.090 Ft Spórolj 8.800 Ft-t
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Update the rolling speed of your Rocker 3+ Mini BMX with a fresh complete wheel-set

Enjoy a far more effortless gain of speed, with the updated Rocker 3+ wheel-set. This is made possible with the use of a 2-piece rim-system held together with bolts, in order to withstand a higher pressure in the tires. This makes them more stable and less prone to wobbles.


  • 1 x Front wheel
  • 1 x Rear wheel
  • 2 x Heat treated 12mm axles
  • 4 x fully sealed cartridge bearings
  • 1 x 9 tooth driver

Notice: This set will only be compatible with Rocker 3+ bikes