ST Footies

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Ingyenes szállítás 29990 Ft-tól
Szállítás 2-5 munkanap
365 napos árucsere
Ugyan ettól a márkától
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vélemény   (78)
Delivery prompt and efficient: Denmark 🇩🇰 to Britain 🇬🇧. No extra tax to pay. The Ennui ST Footies are very well made. Tight fitting. Extra padding incorporated to protect both ankles from pressure points. Can not comment on durability yet since I’ve only just taken delivery.
Philip A Higgs (Shepshed)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Love em!
Alexander Paz (Hanapepe)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Superb product, both functionally and aesthetically - my ankles are now well supported and protected. Full marks to Ennui for the manufacture of an excellent product and to SkatePro as well for the superfast delivery.
Andrew S. (London)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Really comfortable, and protec me from that blister that I get from time to time. Fine and just anof pad in the proper spot.
Paulo Levi Silva Bras (Ipswich)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Snug fit, very snug!
Jean Lopez (Bronx)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Recommended.. Get your exact size
Maha Yacoub (Springfield Gardens)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
The padded ankle protected me from rubbing against the side of my skate.
A. Bartlett (Wakefield)
Értékelés: 4 az 5-ből!
Keep them ankles feeling comfortable as hell. Don’t feel no pressure nothing letting me skate longer through out the day
James Vasquez (Germantown)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
These footies dont come cheap and you could be forgiven for wondering why you should pay extra over and above the plain powerslide version. However the padding manufactured onto each ankle area gives a greater level of comfort and takes up any slack on a loose cuff which also gives a greater feeling of control. I had been hesitant to buy initially (as im a bit tight!) but I am so glad I bought them. My 7 year old daughter has plain footies and I wish ennui did them in her size too but sadly they font go that small. Excellent product and excellent service from Skatepro- had a manufacturers defect on the original pair sent but a quiok email to skatepro with a pic and id got replacements on my doorstep within 2 days- fantastic service
Paul H. (Mansfield)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Helps with the ankle pressure
Kyle slone (North Hills)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Products awesome.
Miguel Toledo (Miami)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
If you have issues with ankle bones chafing, especially if it's made worse by skates that are slightly on the large side, I can totally recommend these. The added padding on the ankle bones really help protect and stabilise without being too mushy. The only problem is if you wear them for a long time, outside your inner socks, they can cause moisture to build up that causes the sock to ruck up and chafe, so best to wear inside socks.
Martyn B. (Cambridge)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Da ich nach monatelanger Eingewöhnungszeit immer noch Probleme mit Druckstellen bzw. Blasen an den Knöchelinnenseiten hatte, legte ich mir die Ennui Footies zu. Der Komfort beim skaten hat deutlich zugenommen, sie erfüllen ihren Zweck.
Markus N. (Offenbach)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Ich habe Schugröße 39. Ich habe die Footies ist Größe S bestellt. Sie sind sehr eng. Laufen sich aber ein.
Sylke M. (Jüterbog)
Értékelés: 4 az 5-ből!
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