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Bubblegum Quad Kétsoros Görkorcsolya

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A Rookie Bubblegum egy görkorcsolya, amit kültéri korizáshoz és művészi korizáshoz terveztek. Puha cipővel rendelkezik a kényelmes illeszkedés érdekében. A műkorcsolyák által inspirált, elegáns cipővel rendelkezik. A beépített bélések hasznosak, mert nem fognak a cipőben csúszkálni, ugyanakkor hatékonyabb erőátvitelt biztosítanak.

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Műkorcsolya, Puha
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Kültéri korcsolyázás, Műkorcsolya


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vélemény   (71)

Absolutely perfect, exactly as expected.
D. Scanlon (Waterford)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Buy a size or two up! These are very cute and sturdy, but the size chart is off. I ordered one size up, but they're still slightly too tight.
Ivy Keller (Charleston)
Értékelés: 4 az 5-ből!
They look great, sure my granddaughter will love them
Karen Morgan (Seaton Devon)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Beautiful 🤩 I’m sure my daughter will love them
Lee-Anne Moody (Bromley)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Annie Philippeos (London)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
I measured my foot and then went up one size as SkatePro recommended and they are still way too small. Would not recommend buying from this website as they have not figured out an accurate sizing chart and the cost to return them is steep. Is there a way to exchange them for the right size without having to pay more money???
Anna Sandler (Johnstown)
Értékelés: 1 az 5-ből!
Válasz SkatePro-tól:  Thank you for your review. We are so sorry to hear that you have had this issue with your skates. We will reach out to you directly to investigate the matter and assist you with this.

The skate itself was good quality, the feel of the material and the wheels was great and I was really excited. The only disappointment I had was in the size. I followed the guidelines they have for this skate and they were way to small for me. Felt like 2 sizes too small. I had to reorder and im really hoping they fit because the return label is a ridiculous price. I'd say to make sure you size up for these, definitely.
Kenna L. (Farr West)
Értékelés: 3 az 5-ből!
Válasz SkatePro-tól:  Hi Kenna,

Thanks for your feedback! Sorry to hear about the size... From our customers' experience with these skates, you always need to go one size up :) we have put this information in our size guide as well as the fact that they are suitable for feet with regular width.
I really hope the new size skates fill fit!🤞

Size chart was very inaccurate. I should have wiggle room in these skates, instead the crush my toes. $30 to ship them here to see how beautiful they are and know now I can't have them because you don't sell them a size up. Now you want $20 to ship them back because your size chart is way off? Absolutely not.
Taylor Reeves (Grand Blanc)
Értékelés: 2 az 5-ből!
Válasz SkatePro-tól:  Hi Taylor, Thanks for your review and apologies for the size issue you've experienced. Normally, we are on top of our size guidance for skates by providing customized charts for each brand. But on this occasion it may not be aligned. I will contact you shortly to discuss a solution 🙂

I ordered a pair of these skates after having measured my feet and carefully following the size guide. Unfortunately, when I received them they were much too small. Even more unfortunately though, in order to return them I have to pay another $20 just for a return label! Considering that I have already paid almost $100 for the skates and $30 for shipping, this is is ridiculous and I am now $50 out. I was willing to pay $30 for shipping, but NOT $20 for a piece of paper for a mistake that wasn't mine. I will not being do business here again. I would recommend that you do not either because being taken advantaged of is not a good feeling.
Odaliz Ortiz (Porterville)
Értékelés: 1 az 5-ből!
Válasz SkatePro-tól:  Hey, thanks for taking the time to write this review. It was definitely not our intention to make you feel taken advantage of. We are truly sorry for that. Our shipping option is this price because it is a highly dependable track and trace service that needs to come all the way to Denmark. I will reply to you privately to talk about sizing and return options.

Came on time! Plus my sister really loves her new skates!
M. Lor (Saint Paul)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
SUPER cute and sturdy skates. Definitely take the time to measure your foot and cross reference with the size chart as these skates are unique in sizing. I use them as a beginner outdoor skater and they work great! Skatepro did a wonderful job on communication/shipping. Loved it!
Sonia J. (San Diego)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
The size chart is very accurate and cane earlier than expected! Great skates!
Tessa Frincke (Willis)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Great skates. Good quality good price.
Mary Haggar (Stamford)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Alles bestens. Schnelle Lieferung noch vor Ostern!
Kathrin Schodlok (Balingen)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
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