Ortovox Avalanche Equipment

Ortovox Zoom+ Avalanche Rescue Package

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Ortovox Zoom+ Avalanche Rescue Package is all you need safety equipment for freeride or touring skiers. A good choice for beginner to intermediate freeriders and beginner to intermediate touring skiers

In this package you will get:

  • Transceiver (With intuitive usability with clear LED-display showing distance and directional arrows)
  • Shovel (The Badgar shovel is a lightweight aluminum shovel with ergonomic grip)
  • Probe (240cm long probe only weighing 230grams)


  • Receive function: digital
  • No. of antennas: 3
  • Max. range / search strip width (im m): 40 / <40
  • Comfortable bag and hand loop
  • Microprocessor control
  • Autom. switchover in case of a secondary avalanche
  • Intuitive search acoustics
  • Smart-Antenna-Technology ™
  • Self-test
  • Display backlight
  • Recco Reflector Inside
  • Batteries: 1AA Alkaline 1,5 V
  • Transmission capacity: 250h
  • Dimensions (in mm): 116 x 79 x 23
  • Weight (incl. battery and case): 200g
  • Warranty: 5 years with registration
  • Depth markers
  • T-grip
  • Non-slip step grooves
  • Display of all victims
  • Visual guide system
  • Aramid tensioning system
  • Quick-lock assembly system
  • AL 5052 (strain hardened), powder coated
  • AL 6061 T6 (hardened), anodized

Notice: Educate yourself, make good decisions and seek knowledge before you go.

vélemény   (18)
Great kit and 5 star help !
Josh lambie (Dunnville)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Great kit. Delivered quicker than expected.
Owen Sutton (Llanfair-yn-Neubwll Community)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Hope I never need them..... But the transceiver is the most intuitive I can find- and if you DO need it, you're not going to be thinking straight, and will want all the intuitive help you can get.
John Picard (London)
Értékelés: 4 az 5-ből!
Sehr zufrieden
S. Knaus (Ilz)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Alles Top
Thomas Unger (Andau)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
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