Frenzy Scooters

Frenzy Felnőtt Roller 250mm

63 990 Ft
64 090 Ft Spórolj 100 Ft-t
Szín: Fekete
Átmérő: 250mm
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8-10 - White
8-10 - Cuban Sand
8-10 - White
8-10 - Chive
8-10 - Heather Grey
10-12 - Heather Grey
10-12 - Heritage Blue
10-12 - Cuban Sand
10-12 - White
10-12 - Chive
10-12 - Blueberry
12-14 - White
12-14 - Black
12-14 - Black
12-14 - Heritage Blue
12-14 - Chive
12-14 - Blueberry
12-14 - Flame Scarlett
12-14 - Flame Orange
12-14 - Heather Grey
12-14 - Cuban Sand
12-14 - White
S - Cuban Sand
S - Black
S - White
S - Chive
S - White
S - Blueberry
S - Heather Grey
S - Black
S - Heritage Blue
S - Camo/White
S - Flame Orange
S - Flame Scarlett
M - Heather Grey
M - Black
M - Cuban Sand
M - Blueberry
M - White
M - Chive
M - Camo/White
M - Flame Scarlett
M - Flame Orange
M - Heritage Blue
M - White
M - Black
L - White
L - Heritage Blue
L - Blueberry
L - Heather Grey
L - Camo/White
L - Black
L - Cuban Sand
L - White
L - Flame Scarlett
L - Flame Orange
L - Chive
XL - Heather Grey
XL - White
XL - White
XL - Tap Shoe/Camelia Rose
XL - Camo/White
XL - Cuban Sand
XL - Flame Scarlett
XL - Flame Orange
XL - Blueberry
XL - Heritage Blue
XL - Black
XL - Chive
XL - Black
XXL - Dark Sapphire/Arrowwood
XXL - Tap Shoe/Camelia Rose
XXL - Heather Grey
XXL - White
XXL - Black
XXL - Blueberry
XXL - Chive
XXL - Camo/White
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52-56 - Fekete
52-56 - Türkiz
52-56 - Blue Fade
52-56 - Gun
52-56 - White Gloss
52-56 - Lila
52-56 - Sunset
55-58 - White Gloss
55-58 - Fekete
55-58 - Gun
55-58 - Türkiz
55-58 - Blue Fade
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Eight Ball Skater Bukósisak
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+ 12 790 Ft
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The 250mm front wheel on the FR250 from Frenzy is big and makes this recreational scooter very comfortable to ride on, even for long cruises. It incorporates an easy-to-use folding mechanism that utilizes a trolley mode. This makes it very easy to carry it around whilst not riding it. It has a 215mm rear wheel and large rear foot-brake.

Frenzy is designed by the same people that for years have brought you the Slamm pro scooters.

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vélemény   (94)
Great scooter
Mark Reilly (Cavan)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Lovely product, folds up really tidy and good quality
Patrick D. (Solihull)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
I am very happy with the purchase. Strong frame, very easy to ride and fold.Love it👍Definitely I would recommend it.
Indre P. (Westport, Co.Mayo)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Very solidly manufactured scooter. I’m over 100kg and it copes admirably. Bought for a 12 year old it is easily adapted for a smaller person and it has a feel of durability about it that suggests that it will last.
Kenneth Concannon (Belmullet)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Absolutely delighted with my purchase. Not only does it look good but is sturdy and is ideal for using with dogs for exercise. I have already been asked where the scooter was purchased and was delighted to recommend it.
Hilda Keating (Cork City)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
This thing is great! Rides smooth, the big wheels make going over bumps a much better encounter. As expected it's solidly built and love the color scheme.
john yuan (Freehold)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Very good commuter for my growing daughter. Bigger wheels work better on old footpaths.
Hanna K. (Dublin 6)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
This scooter was purchased for our son. My husband uses it too. So far they are very happy, no problems. Seems very sturdy, easy to ride. Arrived promptly.
Elzbieta K. (London)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Very good! Love it! I was not expecting the extra fees for import though...(45$ ish)... we did have to pay for shipping with the original purchase! So 65+$ for shipping/import.
D. Cote (Grand lake)
Értékelés: 4 az 5-ből!
Válasz SkatePro-tól:  Thank you for the feedback on the product and we are very glad that you love it! 😍

In regards to the shipping fees, please refer to the following link for more information https://www.skatepro.com/en-us/d16.htm

Good smooth ride except over the most broken footpaths. I think that the large wheel is definitely worth it. Easy folding action. Rattled irritatingly until I tightened every allen key bolt I could find. In the wet it slides slightly and has longer breaking distances, but that's to be expected of any scooter. Overall it does everything I expected.
Peter B. (Cork City)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Excellent.....although my daughter has already nicked it 😔😆
Brett Scobie (London)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Bought this for my son and I to use. We have had it our a couple of times and love it. It arrived really quick and look forward to having more fun using it in the spring/summer. Thank you Skatepro
Matt Boardman (Bognor Regis)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Fantastic scooter, my 17 year old autistic son rides it all over the neighborhood. Super solid and safe. Best scooter we have ever owned.
John Joseph (Carlsbad)
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
Great adult scooter, very easy and fun to ride all over town. Easy to fold and take on the train too. I’m enjoying it so much that I’m jumping on the train with it to new cities just to ride around. I’ve used it in torrential rain, and whilst there is a little sideways slide on marble it copes really well with adverse conditions. I get so many comments on it - highly recommended
Paul Fry (Wiveliscombe )
Értékelés: 5 az 5-ből!
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