SUP leashes

Do I Need a Leash for a SUP?

A SUP leash is a cord that attaches you to the paddle board. It is to save the SUP from floating away from you when you have fallen into the water. A SUP leash is not only a convenient piece of equipment, but it is a huge safety feature that can save your life. Falling off your SUP with a paddle board leash attached to your ankle means that the board will stay within a short distance of you, so you can quickly get back up. So in short - Yes, a SUP leash is highly recommended for paddle boarding.

Two Kinds of SUP Leashes

A coiled SUP leash or a straight SUP lease are the two most popular types to choose from, and each have their own advantages. A coiled leash sits mostly above the water so it doesn’t drag as much. Falling off the SUP with a coiled leash means the board will naturally come back to you as the coil returns to its original shape. This is most useful in calm, flat water condition. Straight leashes are more likely to sit in the water while you paddle. While it creates a small drag, you are less likely to get tangled up it in so it is the preferred choice for surfers.

Another essential piece of SUP equipment that you must have is a paddle. Check out our collection here - SUP Paddles.

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