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Large banners

A big scooter banner catches the eye

Nothing makes a statement better than a big banner, and if you really want to show what scooter brand you support, a banner from your favorite brand over your door is a great way of showing this.

In this category, you will find scooter banners from a lot of the scooter brands that we sell here at SkatePro. We have banners from Proto, Wise, Vex, Huffy, UrbanArtt, River and Crisp. All banners are big but vary in sizes. The specific product dimensions will be stated in the product description. The banners are quite big, and can easily be mounted between two flagpoles, giving you a very big and transportable banner, to bring along to all your favorite skate spots and events.

Who wants to own a scooter banner?

Some parents might think: who would ever want a big banner like those in this category hanging from the roof of their room? Well - we sell these banners for a reason, and even before we got them in stock, we experienced the demand for the scooter banners from our younger customers. Therefore we contacted the different brands, which of course, were more than happy to help out our customers. We will gradually expand the category, so stop by once in awhile to see our new products.

The banners are also very effective for getting some visual attention to any event. Big or small. A banner of these sizes will always add a good degree of seriousness to your event, and make the event stand out from the crowd.

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