Skigo Brush Pack

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Complete package of brushes for making the bases on cross country skis fast and fit for the snow. Can also be used for alpine ski bases and snowboard bases.

The Skigo brush package consists of:
- A Horsehair brush
- A Steel Brush
- A Nylon Brush

How to use the brushes:
Step 1) Use the horsehair brush

Can be used after use of scraper. The SkiGo Horsehair Brush opens the structure of the ski sole. The short more thick hairs let you work in the upper part of the ski base structure. For next step of maintenance use the Steel Brush.

Step 2) Use the Steel brush

Use to clean the base and also after the use of SkiGo Horsehair Brush. Make the draw in skiing direction. This brush with it´s longer and thinner steel hairs let you work with the wax in the inner part of the base structure. For next step of maintenance use the Nylon Brush.

Step 3) Use the Nylon brush
For removing the last bit of glide from cross-country skis.

Polish the base with SkiGo Nylon Brush after you have used the Skigo Steel Brush. Brush 10 - 20 times to remove loose debris from the base. Before training sessions just use the nylon brush after scraping the base.

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