Cross Country Ski Wax

Cross Country ski wax types

When you are out skiing for longer periods of time, you really want your skis to be in top-condition, giving you both optimal glide and kick. Kick and glide wax are the most known types of cross country ski wax, which you might also call Nordic ski wax. Besides that, another type of kick wax named klister is also widely used.

Glide wax is a kind of ski tuning equipment allowing you to gain more speed and of course a better glide. Glide wax makes your front and back ski more smooth, providing you with a better glide.

In comparison, kick wax is a cross country ski wax securing an optimal grip on the snow.

Compared to glide wax, kick wax is a soft and sticky wax, which gives you a good grip and a better kick. To get the best possible grip, kick wax is made for various temperatures.

The other type of kick wax offered is named klister, a cross country ski wax used for either icy or slushy conditions.

Even though you can buy wax in sprays, liquids, gels and powders many skiers still prefer to use an old-fashioned block of plain wax. This is also the most authentic way to wax your skis, but also a well-tested method.

Thereby not said, that the other products are less effective and not as good. It is primarily a question about personal preference.

The right ski tuning equipment for the right temperature

Both glide wax, kick wax and klister are produced for different temperatures and humidities. That’s why it’s always a good idea to bring some different cross country waxes for your ski trip since the weather can be rather unpredictable in the mountains.

Nordic ski wax, that is optimal for warmer temperatures is generally softer and easier to apply than harder waxes that are optimized for lower temperatures.

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