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Longboard parts and accessories

What Are the Parts to a Longboard?

Whether you need to fix a worn-out part or feel like upgrading your setup, all longboards will require maintenance at some point. Longboard parts will ensure that you can quickly modify a part of your setup without having to make major adjustments. It’s also handy to have a few spare nuts and bolts when out riding, in case you need to make any urgent repairs.

Longboard accessories and parts are ideal for maximizing your longboarding experience. Longboard griptapes wear down over time, so getting a fresh grip will give you a bit more control when riding. If you are a downhill rider, it’s also worth investing in a pair of longboard gloves and pucks to keep your hands protected when taking corners at high speeds.

Get the Right Longboard Hardware for Your Wheels

One of the most important parts of your setup is the wheels. Having good longboard bearings not only keeps your wheels secured in place, but also gives you a smoother, and potentially faster riding experience. 

If you are getting wheel bite, then consider getting some longboard risers. These are placed between the longboard trucks and the deck to give more clearance for the rider to make deeper turns. 

If you need to fix up your longboard, check out our selection of Longboard Tools.

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