Ice hockey bags

Keep All Your Hockey Kit in One Place

While it is more exciting to talk about new hockey sticks or ice skates, the right ice hockey bag should not be overlooked. With ice hockey comes a lot of hockey equipment so carrying these items to and from training and matches frequently shouldn’t cause any stress. A good ice hockey kit bag should be comfortable to carry, have enough compartments for your belongings and have some ventilation to air out your smelly playing gear.  

The classic hockey skate bag is a duffle bag with a shoulder strap and while these are still very popular, some alternative models have caught on. Ice hockey backpacks and wheelie bags can be seen more often in the changing rooms these days. Both of these styles make taking the kit bag from one place to another easier. 

But what use is a kit bag if you don’t have all the kit? Check out our collection of Ice Hockey Equipment to see what you are missing. 

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