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Snowboard Protection

Snowboard protective gear for more days out

If you are heading out to the mountains and about to give your snowboard some sweet times, remember your snowboard protection. Whether you are hitting the slopes or the fresh powder, there is some essential gear that you need in order to stay safe and stay as long as possible out in the snow without accidents.

Snowboard protection essentials

Here you will find the essential snowboard protective gear you need on your trip.

Starting from the top, a helmet is almost a must. Many people underestimate the use of helmets during recreational and action sports. When it comes to snowboarding, you often get to pretty high speed and the surface is not as soft as you may think. That is why a fall can be quite dangerous for your head if you don't wear a helmet.

Crash pants and back protectors are just as important. They minimize the strain of the impact on important parts of your body. After all, it is not fun to get home with a broken hip after only 2 days out in the snow.

Snowboard protection for extreme lovers

If you are about to hit the backcountry and draw those fresh lines in the untouched snow always remember avalanche safety gear with you. In this category, you will also find avalanche kits that will come in handy once you are out in the wild.

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