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Cross Country Ski Packages


Take a shortcut, save some money - go for a cross country ski package

Choosing to buy a complete set can save you both a lot of time and consideration. Furthermore, you often achieve a bulk discount when buying a complete set from the same manufacturer. The biggest plus when buying a complete cross country ski package is, that you can be absolutely positive that all the parts fit and plays perfectly along with each other from day one.

Every package from this section includes a set of ski, boots, poles, bindings and a SkatePro cross country ski strap. The only set with no boots included is the Skigo Classic Cross Country Kids ski Bundle. This set comes with a set of skis, simple bindings with an easy to use control strap and poles.

Our cross country ski packages are based on our experts' recommendations, and you can be sure, that every little detail has been up for consideration and discussion before the final package has been launched on this site.

There is a cross country ski package for everyone

If you are unlucky losing of breaking your ski equipment, one of the benefits of buying a cross country ski package from a well-known brand like Salomon, Madshus, Yoko or Fischer is, that you can be sure to find spare parts no matter what country in the world you are visiting for skiing.

In our selection of cross country ski packages, you will both find packages suitable for beginners, experienced and professional cross country skiers.

When purchasing both skis and bindings from SkatePro, we mount your bindings for free. If applicable, add your boot size as a comment to your order.

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